for continuous casting plants

Description and function

The emergency sliding is a component that is used in continuous casting plants in connection with a stopper rod mechanism. If the stopper rod is unable to stop the flow of steel between the intermediate container and the mold, the emergency slide interrupts this flow.

The hydraulic cylinder is continuously cooled pneumatically with 6 bar instrument air and the piston rod and knife are held in the starting position.

In an emergency case the hydraulic cylinder of the emergency slide is triggered by a valve with 180 bar high-pressure oil. This will extend the piston rod , pull out the emergency pusher knife and then lock it to securely close the opening.

After using the emergency slide only the piston rod is moved back by the lower air pressure. The knife continues to close the outlet.

With the cooling air regulating screw the instrument air can be divided into compressed air for the piston return and cooling air for the cylinder. The compressed air is to be set so that the air pressure ensures a correct return of the cylinder but also as much cooling air as possible is available.


Emergency sliding

The emergency slides are available complete with hydraulic cylinders and also without hydraulic cylinders.


Spare parts

Various spare parts are also available for all emergency sliding gates.


Design according to dimensions

Standard version 700mm:

The dimensions marked in red apply to the standard version with a distance of 700 mm between the main fastening bolt and the center of the trough.

Special design

There is one of the different special versions, for example 800 mm version for wider trough or emergency slide for larger trough.

The most important types are compared in the following table: